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 Collier Collection - No. A373

Floods near the Magpie and Parrot


This photo, from the Collier Collection, is reproduced by permission of the Museum of English Rural Life. It is a view of Arborfield Road in Shinfield, with the 'Magpie and Parrot' public house in the foreground, but partly hidden.

This section of the Arborfield Road often floods, and a photo of the road under-water appeared in the 'Reading Mercury' on 4th March 1933 when rains had fallen on thawing snow. The caption was: "An A.A. Patrol coming to the assistance of a motorist near Arborfield. The flooded main road.":

Floods in 1933

The pub became a private residence for many years, but it is now open again. The main building has been extended in the Shinfield direction, with the extension covering over the painted 'Simonds' Brewery' sign seen above. However, the painted sign on the front can still be made out:

Magpie and Parrot 

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