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Arborfield Parish Magazine started in January 1878 as a professionally-printed section plus a nationally-distributed insert. The first two years' issues are available at Reading Local Studies Library, and here is a set of extracts chosen for their interest to local and family historians.

Note the archaic wording used to describe a summer party. The words might be picked up by search engines as racist in tone, so the now-offensive word has been disguised with asterisks.


January 1877: Parish Library – at school – 12 to 1, on Mondays.

Baptism November 26 Annie Maria, daughter of George and Rachael Collins, of this parish

Baptism December 24 Edith, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah Bradley, Newlands

Burial November 30 Elizabeth, wife of William Weston, Newlands, 50

Burial December 08 Miriam, wife of Mr Savage, Reading and of this parish

Burial December 08 Mr Phipps, late of this parish, 36

Burial December 16 Mary Ann, wife of Peter Wilson, of this parish, 48

Baptism January 28 Ellen, daughter of Charles and Eliza Maynard, of this parish

Death February 08 Elizabeth Richardson, widow, of this parish, 33

Death February 17 Mrs Burrett, of this parish

Death February 20 Mrs Clements, Newlands

Baptism February 25 Henry, son of Thomas and Clara Swann, of this parish

Baptism March 25 Henry, son of Henry and Elizabeth Batt, Newlands

Marriage  March 3 at Shinfield, Thomas Pearce, bachelor, of this parish, to Eliza Pither, spinster, of the parish of Shinfield

Marriage  March 20 Charles Walter Matthews, bachelor, of Barkham, to Caroline Parsons, widow, daughter of William Windebank, of the ‘Bull Inn’, of this parish

Death March 20 Eva Florence, the youngest child of Daniel and Martha Smith, aged 1 year 8 months

Death March 20 Edith, aged 4 months, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah Bradley

Death March 20 Alfred, aged 9 years, son of Benjamin and Hannah Bradley

‘The Bell-ringers’ were through the kindness of John and William Simonds, Esqs., entertained on April 19th at a supper at the Mole Inn, Newlands, which did great credit to Mr and Mrs Dickins. The Messrs. Simonds’ health was most heartily drank, and the kind manner in which they have continued the favour their father showed towards the art of Bell-ringing was gratefully acknowledged.

Marriage  April 25 at St Mary’s Bryanston Square, London, by Rev. Sir John Hayes, Bart., assisted by the Rev. J Taddy, Rector of Dunton, Bedfordshire, William Simonds, Esq., second son of the late John Simonds, Esq., Newlands, to Beatrix Mary, only daughter of James Pomeroy, Esq., of 4 Upper Bryanston Street, London.

Death April 25 St. Mark’s Day, James Cook

Baptism April 29 George Franklin, son of Job and Charlotte King, labourer, Reading

Baptism May 06 Ethel Maria, daughter of James and Louise Emma King, Gardener, Crayford, Kent

Death April 26 Amelia Jane Fox, 1 year 8 months

Baptism June 24 Arthur William, son of William and Elizabeth Mary Cordery, Newlands

Death June 18 Henry Spicer of this parish, 48 years

Baptism July 22 Harry George, son of Harry and Elizabeth Webster, Master of the Arborfield and Barkham Schools

Marriage  July 24 at Bearwood Church, Arthur Henry Flatman (Gamekeeper) to Elizabeth Miles, widow, both of Newlands, Arborfield

Baptism July 29 Marion May, daughter of James Ebenezer and Emma Champion Thorp, of this parish

Baptism July 29 Ada Rose, daughter of Henry and Harriet Mattingley, Newlands

Baptism July 29 Gilbert Cecil, son of John and Sarah Leadbetter, of this parish

Baptism July 29 Ellen Jessie, daughter of William and Lucy Smith, of this parish

Baptism September 16 Alice van Cartlandt, daughter of John and Ellen Simonds, of this parish

Marriage  September 4 by Rev. Sir John Hayes, Bart., assisted by Rev. W C H Hughes D’Aeth (sic), Rector of Buckhorn Weston, the Rev. G V Proctor, Vicar of Shippan, Abingdon, to Emma, second daughter of the late John Simonds, Esq., Newlands

The School: The Annual Summer School Treat, given by Mrs Hargreaves, at Arborfield Hall on 5th September, was thoroughly enjoyed by the 120 children there met together. Added to the usual entertainments, much amusement was created by the musical performances of two ni**ers and the whistling of John Brant.

November 1877. The School: The Night School is now held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, at 7 p.m. It is hoped that more young men of this Parish will avail themselves of the opportunity this offered them of gaining some useful learning.

Marriage  December 18, by the Rev. Sir John Warren Hayes, Bart., assisted by the Rev. C J Taylor, Frederick Eustace Arbuthnot Wollaston, only son of Major Wollaston, late Enniskillen Dragoons, of Shenton, Leicestershire, to Annie Hargreaves, second daughter of Thomas Hargreaves, Esq., of Arborfield Hall, Berks.


Baptism January 27 Ellen, daughter of Charles and Amelia Franklin, St. Giles, Reading

Baptism February 24 Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of George and Cicely Thick, Newlands

Baptism March 31 Cecil Frederick, son of Alfred and Ellen Brown, Arborfield

Baptism April 28 Pemla (sic) Agnes Emma, daughter of James Joseph and Mary Jane Green, Arborfield

Baptism May 19 Charles, son of Job and Charlotte Sarah King, St. Giles, London

Baptism April 28 Arthur William Orlando, son of Arthur Henry and Elizabeth Flatman, Arborfield

Baptism July 21 Matilda, daughter of Daniel and Martha Smith, Arborfield

Marriage July 28 James Cox of Barkham, to Mary Elizabeth King, Arborfield

Baptism August 25 Clara, daughter of James and Sarah Langford, Arborfield

Baptism August 25 William Thompson, son of Henry and Mary Mattingley, Newland

Baptism August 25 Frances Lily, daughter of George and Jane Newman, Newlands

Death September 25 John Lowe, Arborfield, 87

Death September 26 Joseph May, Arborfield, 49

Baptism September 29 Henry Ernest Reed, son of William and Sarah Vincent, Arborfield

Baptism September 29 Sarah Alice, daughter of William and Sarah Allaway

Death October 25 at Sunbury on Thames, Arthur, eldest son of Thomas Hargreaves, Esq., aged 19 years

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